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Volunteers needed to help refugees in Greece

More than 60,000 refugees are currently marooned in Greece pending resolution of their asylum status. They badly need help and support. A number of small, grassroots community groups are responding to this need. They welcome and rely on short and longer-term volunteers. Most ask volunteers to pay their own expenses. To find out more about helping refugees in camps in Greece, contact the organizations below.


Returned Peace Corps Volunteers and their contacts particularly recommend the following as well-organized and responsive:


Find the following three NGO’s on Facebook:


View these comprehensive listings of volunteer opportunities:

Information Point for Greece Volunteers offers good general information, serves as a community bulletin board, and has produced a useful handbook on volunteering.

For volunteering in northern Greece:

For volunteering in Athens:

Please let us know about your experience if you are able to go to Greece. We would very much like to hear about it and learn from it. For this and any further information you may need, contact Barbara Busch at

RPCVs are connecting with International Efforts to Support Refugees

Nomad Schools is a startup NGO which aims to provide best practice teacher training to Syrian teachers working in “bridge schools” in Lebanon. Bridge schools were created in the wake of the Syrian refugee crisis to provide instruction to Syrian refugee children who aim to eventually be integrated into the Lebanese school system. At the moment these schools are struggling to provide the intensive instruction necessary to bridge the large gap between the Syrian school system and the Lebanese due to several factors.

In September, in coordination with Jusoor Syria, Nomad Schools implemented a teacher training workshop for roughly 45 teachers in the Bekaa Valley, Lebanon focusing on basic ESL methods, Positive Behavior Systems, differentiated lesson planning, integrating literacy, teacher teams, and student-centered teaching methods. Two RPCVs were critical to the planning and facilitation of this training (Gay Brooks, RPCV Malaysia and Jenn Ross, RPCV Uganda) and will continue to provide digital mentoring sessions to the teacher teams created in during the workshop.

Please stay tuned for more information

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