Peace Corps Community for Refugees

What We Do

As returned Peace Corps volunteers concerned about the refugee crisis, we engage the Peace Corps community in supporting refugees. We believe that RPCVs have the commitment, adaptability and cross-cultural skills to make a significant contribution to this global humanitarian effort.

Aid Refugees Overseas

Connect interested volunteers with Greek NGOs serving refugee communities in desperate conditions.


Provide support for the US-based resettlement of refugees.


Advocate on behalf of refugees at the national, state and local level.

Recent News

Stay up to date on refugee issues.



Want to Help Refugees on a Greek Island?

Short-term Volunteer Opportunities Available

With the Aegean island of Lesvos experiencing high numbers of desperate refugees and asylum seekers arriving weekly, NGOs there are eager for volunteers. We at Peace Corps Community for Refugees, with support from the National Peace Corps Association, have begun an initiative to help RPCVs and others find a way to put their skills to use where they are critically needed and appreciated.

We can help you connect with NGOs offering a range of opportunities for short-term commitments, from 10 days to three months; some extensions are possible. Check our Overseas Aid page to learn how to apply.

To find out what it’s like to serve on Lesvos, read RPCV Eirene Chen’s informative account in her Report from Greece What’s required for this opportunity?


RPCV Eirene with HIAS Greece Colleague and Asylum Applicant

“Humility, openness, flexibility and intercultural communication skills will serve you well here . . . as well as optimism and a good sense of humor . . . in short, the qualities RPCVs tend to have in abundance!” says Chen, seen here in a photo above (R) with a HIAS Greece colleague (middle) and an asylum applicant (L).