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Refugee Resettlement

How You Can Help

Connect with a National Peace Corps Association affiliate and/or local refugee resettlement agency to discover the needs in your community.

Build or join a team, which brings together diverse voices – refugees, service providers, business owners, faith leaders and others. PCC4Refugees can help connect you to others doing this work in your area through our coalition partners like Refugee Council USA and the Interfaith Immigration Coalition.

Volunteer with a local agency supporting refugees. One HIAS-PCC4Refugees initiative is to implement a volunteer manual created by HIAS for community members:  “Refugee Resettlement in Partnership:  A Guide for Community Volunteers and Institutions.” The guide can be adapted to RPCVs or any volunteers and implemented between NPCA and HIAS affiliates around the country. Download it from the HIAS website here.

Meet with elected officials.  PCC4Refugees can help you research where your elected officials stand on refugee-related policy issues and how to contact their state/local offices.

Resettlement Agency Partnerships

The following State-Department approved resettlement agencies have affiliates throughout the U.S. In collaborative partnerships with us, they have agreed to accept RPCVs who contact them, even as they struggle to maintain services in the current uncertain refugee policy climate. Check their websites, which list locations and how you can become involved, as well as their excellent resources for helping refugees on our website under “Helpful Resources”.